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Top Countries In The World Where The Laws Are Very Strict


Stringent laws are indeed what keep some unruly people in line and discipline is indeed one of the most important things that you should keep in mind. The enforcement of laws of the land may indeed seem harsh, but they are certainly there for a reason. The implementation of these laws is indeed necessary because some say that overflowing strictness borders when it comes to oppression and that would, later on, lead to resentment of the people. The advocates of the stern application of the rules often debate the measures that they have taken and this also depends on how lenient they decide to be when it comes to citizens who do not cooperate and those who do not take the authoritative figures seriously.

Whatever the reasons it may be, I have listed out some nations which are champions when it comes to strict governance and also the implementation of the laws. Some people may actually be bounded by the tradition of their nation, and this tradition will indeed make them follow the rules. Some people are governed by their religious views. Whatever works when governing people is indeed important. But, these countries are indeed more stringent and severe when it comes to their laws and policies, and that would be something that you should be considering a lot of things before you enter those countries.

North Korea

  • North Korea is actually the only country in today‚Äôs world which is purely communist. They accept tourists from nations other than South Korea and the United States. Tourists are actually assigned a personal escort, and they will accompany tourists from the day they arrive in the country to the day they leave the country to make sure that they do not break any rules. One simple thing that you can do, which would mean you broke a rule is just talking against the North Korean government. Violations are actually punishable by forced labor for some time.
  • Syria is another place where laws are very strict. Violence has actually increased in Syria over the years, and there are actually so many classes between the government and the rebel forces that continue to mount. You cannot even communicate appropriately from mobile and landline connections because they are very limited. Syrian journalists who act and speak against the government are actually tortured, and some are even killed.


  • China is surprisingly on this list. It has a booming economy which can actually take the world by storm. They are communist, indeed. You should always make sure that you follow all the laws if you are there and you should have a good time, it is a beautiful place.

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